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Good Job! I would like to see it set up for joystick as well. Brought back good arcade memories!

Thanks a lot! I will definitely try to build the joystick version when possible :)


Came back to play months later, this is a great game :)

Thanks a lot! ❤️❤️❤️ I am glad you liked the game. I will try to keep up this quality and in fact improve the quality of future releases. Thanks for your support!

Is this an illegal remake? If so, not cool to rip off the creators like that.

No, this is not an illegal remake and in fact, this is an enhanced version which is based off the original game mechanics, not a direct copy. The original intention was to test pygame's performance speed for arcade games.

I don't have assets to rip off, because I don't have any Defender arcade machine. If you see some of the screenshots, you will see that all of the images are different than the original - entirely made using primitive drawing methods like line, circle, etc. Even the terrain is different and randomly generated each time.

The code is made in python using pygame unlike the original game which used Assembly.

This game is based on the same mechanics as the Defender, but the assets are also my own. If you hear the sound effects used, you will realise that they are slightly similar but overall different from the original.

With that being said, this is a purely non-profit and non-commercial remake. Also, it uses different features like fullscreen toggle, sounds settings, custom key-mapping, and most importantly an online leaderboard, which are entirely different than the original game. So, you can say this game is based off the original game, but not a direct copy of it.

Hope this clears any doubts. Do tell me if you have more questions :)

Nice tribute but still sketchy to use the Defender name and likenesses without permission of the owners.

Thank you. Also,  if I change the name of the game and various elements of the game, it won't be any copyright infringement. But that is a cheap tactic to bypass claims. I think it would be better to keep the original names and reference the original creators than making a duplicate of it without crediting the creators. 

Thanks again for checking this out :)


Very nice. Would be super nice with joystick control :)

Thank you for the suggestion! I don't have a joystick right now, but I will definitely try to export a joystick build in the future :)


Fun and simple game. Good job!

Thank You :)